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Planning your wedding day can be many things…

Fun, yup

Exciting, check

Full of tears, tissues please

Hard work, double check!

To make things easier I’ve made a few helpful guides for you. As you’d expect from a wedding photographer the bulk of these revolve around photography but there are some good nuggets of information on other areas too.

If there’s some other information you’d like to see here leave me a message in the comments below and I’ll get writing!

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Wedding Photography

Heather & Stephen's WeddingYour wedding day is about you, your partner and the coming together of your families and friends. The excitement and emotion of your wedding day produces intimate moments between you and those you love and that’s where I come in.

I photograph in an informal style known as documentary wedding photography — it’s also called reportage wedding photography and wedding photojournalism too — where I don’t interfere with the events of your day. I photograph real moments that are shared between those that you love the most.

Gillian & Richard's WeddingMy wedding photography collections start from 1050, which includes ten hours of coverage and digital photographs. The fee varies depending on what you would like to remember your day but, as a guide, most couples spend around 1500.

When you receive your wedding photographs don’t forget to have a pack of tissues to hand, it’s not uncommon for floods of tears to ensue as you relive your day. That goes for the guys too, you’re not made of stone after all!




If you would like to chat about your day, have a few questions for me or to see if I’m available to photograph your wedding, pop a message to me or call on 07709 784 974

About Me

Handmade WeddingI live on the south coast in the city of Portsmouth with my wife George. There’s some debate about how long you get to be newlyweds but I still count us in this bracket, we only got married this year after all! The picture of us was taken by our very own wedding photographer, Antony Turner! While choosing him we found that, even knowing the questions to ask, it was difficult to pick a photographer. If you do want to talk about your day get in contact.

001-Queens Hotel-7776Back to Portsmouth though, I’m a stones throw from the sea (although you’d need a good throwing arm to reach it and to stand on tiptoes to see it) which is great as there’s an abundance of ice cream and also a pain as there’s a ton of seagulls who also like ice cream. Over the past few years this city has been changing for the better. There’s now a thriving community of cafés, restaurants and independent shops and the art scene is getting more attention. If you are planning on visiting check out Strong Island’s site to see what’s going on.

If you’re wondering the photo above is the Queens Hotel just around the corner from me, it’s quite a grand venue for a wedding…

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Have a question or want to see if I’m free for your wedding? Pop an email over to me using mail [at] or alternatively you can use the form below or call me on 07709 784 974, if I don’t pick up just leave a message…

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