You should now have a selection of amazing photographers and be raring to go! The easy option would be to grab a name out of a hat and pick that one. However that’s leaving a lot to chance and you really should meet with at least two photographers to make sure you get the right one for you.

So, with that in mind let’s get that list whittled down to your favourites!

Which photographs do you like the most?

This one seems pretty obvious but you need to make sure you like the style of your photographer. Have a look through their previous weddings to get a feel for how they work and the kind of pictures they take. If you want your photographs taken in a photojournalistic style then you won’t want to be shortlisting any photographers with a very traditional, posed style. After all, you don’t want to have wedding photos you don’t love!

Do they seem like you could get on with them?

It sounds like an odd question, seeing how you’re on their website, but how they write will tell you a lot about the person. Remember, you’ll be spending more time with your photographer than any other vendor on your wedding day so liking them is very important.

Are they helpful?

Do they offer you any advice? Showing you their photographs is all well and good but sometimes you just need some more information. The least you should expect is an FAQ but if they offer more, like a handy booking guide, that’s always a plus!

Do they offer what you need?

You might love their work and think they are an amazing person but if they don’t offer what you need then hiring them is going to cause you disappointment. If you really want a beautiful hand-made album and they only offer off the shelf photobooks you’re not going to be happy with what they give to you after your wedding. Spend some time considering what you would like to remember your wedding day and see if they can deliver.

Are they in budget?

You should be able to see where your investment would start on the photographer’s website. Some are even a little more helpful and tell you what their average couple would spend! If you really love them but they are way out of your price range then you've got two options, juggle your budgeting to increase the investment in your wedding photography or pop them in the discard pile.

Making your shortlist is going to take some time. I’d recommend you put on some good music, each grab a cuppa, snuggle up and make a night of it. Once you’re done we'll get onto the next step… contacting your photographer!

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