Finding the right wedding photographer isn't easy. There's thousands to pick from so how do you know who's right for you? With a little bit of groundwork and asking the right questions!

And that's where these guides come in! In this first guide we're going to focus on how to find photographers. Later we’ll be making a shortlist & contacting our photographers, meeting them and then finally working out who is right for you.

So, let’s get started! For now we’re looking to make a long list of photographers. We won’t get bogged down with too many details, we just need somewhere to start.

Searching online

A quick search on Google for wedding photographer gets you above 50 million results. That’s not much help when we only need one. To make these 50 million results more manageable there’s a few different tricks you can try…

Search by venue

If you've already booked your venue or know where you’d like to get married use that to your advantage. Try searching for your venue followed by wedding photographer or wedding photographs. For example Tournerbury Woods Estate wedding photographer

Search by style

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes. Themes run from festivals to tea parties. They take place in barns, stately homes, fields and forests. Adding the keywords for your plans to searches can match you with photographers who share the same idea of a perfect wedding. So you could search for a theme like Alice in Wonderland wedding photography, Castle wedding photography or relaxed wedding photography

Search by location

It’s often overlooked but just searching for the area you’re getting married in can provide great results. You could be broad and search by county or narrow it right down to the village.

Listing sites

These sites are a bit like a very specific yellow pages. Most sites let you narrow the results down by searching for your preferred location, style or price. The benefit here is that you have a whole host of photographers all in one place!

Blogs & online communities

There’s a whole world of wedding inspiration out there. Blogs and online communities show you some of the best there is on offer and that includes photographers. Some of the best known are Rock n Roll Bride, Boho Weddings and Rock my Wedding. Be careful though, you can lose days going through their posts!

Wedding fairs

Wedding fairs are particularly great as you get to go along and chat to possible photographers. You’ll be able to see their work and know pretty quickly if you like them, making your decision much easier. Just keep in mind there’ll be a lot of other people there too so don’t expect a full consultation.

Ask your friends

If you know someone who recently got married or is planning their own wedding ask them who they booked. The chances are they’ll have similar tastes to you so their photographer might be right up your street.

Now you know how to find photographers it's time to get making your longlist. Aim for about 10 to 20. In the next sections I’ll give you some advice on how to take your long list and filter it down to a manageable shortlist!

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Ready to book?

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