OK, so you've met your shortlist of photographers and now it’s time to sit down, look through your notes and book someone. Easy! 

You both should have quite a good idea of who’s the best fit for you by now. If not, don’t worry. Have a look over the shortlist forms you made for each of the photographers, see who ranked the highest and then answer these questions about each of them…

  • Who did you get on with?
  • Did they meet your needs?
  • Whose work was your favourite?
  • Do they fit your budget?

Make your choice

Once you've made your decision get in contact with your photographer straight away. It’s not uncommon for photographers to be booked over a year in advance so you don’t want to lose out because you left it a month before you wedding day. If you forgot to ask your photographer how to confirm your booking give them a quick call, they’ll be more than happy to talk you through what you need to do.

Keep them updated

Wedding plans are constantly evolving. If you book your photographer 12 months before your wedding day the chances are you didn't already have everything set in stone. The timings may have changed, other vendors added or plans changed altogether. Be sure to keep your photographer in the loop so they know what’s going on. At the very least you should be giving them a detailed schedule a month or two before your wedding day.

That’s it, you’re done! You've picked the wedding photographer that’s right for you and now you can relax.

That is, until the next big wedding decision…

Ready to book?

If you've got all the information you need or want to ask a few more questions, pop a message over to me and we can arrange a time to talk.

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