Well done, you’re almost there! You've booked some meetings and just need to have a chat with your wedding photographers. Then make a decision, easy!

Today we’ll cover getting ready to meet the photographers, what to talk about and then a little about the form you can download and fill out too. Right, let’s do this! 

Getting ready

Before you step out of the door you’ll need to gather a few things first. The chances are this isn't the only part of your wedding you've been planning. Gather up all the notes you've made, details you've scribbled, thoughts at the back of your head and get them down into a rough order. This info will help you when you’re talking with the photographers as they’ll want to know more than just your names. Oh, and don’t forget to bring a notebook and pen too!

Tell them about your day

Once you've said your hellos and sat down you’ll want to tell the photographer about your day. Start with the plans you have made, what you haven't yet planned and what’s important to you. This is a good chance to see how interested they are in you and your wedding.

Get advice

Pick their brains! Check the timings you've worked out for possible clashes, ask them if there’s a company they can recommend for something you've not yet planned or even a good colour for the bridesmaid’s dresses. They’ll love to help you!

Tell them what you need

Let them know exactly what you want to have from your wedding photography. If you want wall art for your new home, ask them for advice. If you want an amazing album for you and a set for your parent’s too, tell them. It’ll help them produce a quote for you and you’ll be able to make sure they can deliver on what you need.

Look at their examples

Make sure to look over some of their previous weddings and ask them to talk you through the day. This will give you an insight into how they work and what you can expect from them. Preferably you’ll be able to see some example albums too, the real thing is so much better than just a digital photograph!

What's the investment?

They might not be able to tell you an exact figure right away as a lot goes into wedding photography. However they should be able to offer you a ballpark figure and then get an accurate quote out to you in a couple of days. It’s also worth keeping in mind that a lot of the collections photographers show you won’t include travel outside of their county.

Ask how to book

It’s all well and good knowing what your investment will be but if you don’t know how to book how will you ever pay them? Find out what deposit is needed, when the full amount is due and make sure to get a contract to sign. I can’t stress that enough, the contract will protect both you and your photographer!

Download this form

Keeping track of the photographers you've met can get a little confusing. Don’t worry though, I've uploaded a form that will help. You can rate different aspects of the photographers you meet and there's space to make a few extra notes too!

That’s it for now. Have fun meeting your photographers and next I'll help with the last stage… picking your wedding photographer!

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Ready to book?

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