Your wedding day is about you, your partner and the coming together of your families and friends. The excitement and emotion of your wedding day produces intimate moments between you and those you love.

That’s where I come in…

I photograph in an informal style known as documentary wedding photography — it’s also called reportage wedding photography and wedding photojournalism too — where I don’t interfere with the events of your day, instead I capture the real moments shared between those you love the most. I'm always there for help & advice, along with the odd good chat with your guests, but when I need to be I'm almost invisible.

The investment for your wedding photography starts from 1200 but the fee varies depending on what you'd like to remember your wedding day. As a guide, most couples invest around 1650 as they'd like an amazing album too. All my collections include me spending at least 10 hours with you, so you can rest assured I'll be there for all the important moments.

As I’ll be one of the people you spend most of your wedding day with a lot of couples like to meet up and chat in person before booking. This gives us a chance to build a relationship, which will help make you feel at ease having your photographs taken, and makes sure we’re a good fit. Not to mention giving you the chance to talk about all your wedding day plans!

When you receive your wedding photographs don’t forget to have a pack of tissues to hand, it’s not uncommon for floods of tears to ensue as you relive your day. That goes for the guys too, you’re not made of stone after all!

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