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When should we contact you?

As soon as you can. If you leave it too close to your wedding day I might already be booked, some couples have booked two years in advance! You’ll also feel a lot more relaxed knowing the photography for your wedding day has been arranged.

Do you travel outside of Hampshire?

I do, I travel all over the UK. In fact, I quite like driving as it gives me a chance to catch up on podcasts and visit some new places

Can we order prints and albums?

I love printed photographs and believe prints and albums are what your photographs deserve. So, I offer prints and albums which look and feel amazing and can’t get lost deep in the dark folders of your computer never to be seen again. I’ve some advice on picking wall art and albums here [coming soon] and some information on the album ordering process too.

How long do we have to wait for our photographs?

I do a lot of work making your photographs look amazing & curating the selection and, like all good things, this can take time. This means you'll normally have your photographs within four to five weeks of your wedding.

When would you arrive?

I would normally arrive for the Bride’s preparations. This way I can photograph the full story of your wedding day right from getting ready through to the first dance. However the exact time of when I do arrive is up to you. To help you plan your day I’ve made a template wedding day schedule which you can see by clicking here.

We didn't see any group shots on your website, do you photograph them?

Don’t worry, I shoot these too. I recommend keeping the group shot list below 10 groups as these can eat into your day and can be quite dull for those waiting their turn. There’s an example group list here if you want to take a look.

Do you need an evening meal?

I always make sure I’ve enough food and drink with me but if you’d like to give me something hot to eat then that would be amazing! All I would ask is it's not meat as I’m a veggie

Do you ever work with a second photographer?

I certainly do, having two photographers at your wedding who work well together can produce some wonderful results. It effectively means I can be in two places at once and capture more moments from your wedding day. If you are interested in having two photographers at your wedding let me know when you get in contact.

Do you know anyone else who can help us with our wedding plans?

If you follow this link you’ll find some people who I can recommend you chat with, they’re all friendly and very helpful so don’t be shy getting in contact with them.

Do you have insurance?

I’ve more insurance than I will [hopefully] ever need. I’ve public liability insurance (£2 million), professional indemnity, employer’s liability (for my assistants) and even product liability. Not forgetting my equipment, that’s all covered too!

We've never done this before, how do we even pick a photographer?

If you’ve never picked a photographer before it can seem like a daunting task. There are so many styles to choose from, products to pick and people to speak to it can feel like a huge decision. To make things a little easier for you I've made a five step guide for finding your perfect wedding photographer, I call it Bookographer!

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