Choosing your photographs for your wedding album is the hard bit, but getting your list to me isn't!

What you'll need to do is log into your online gallery and set up a new favourite list called Wedding Album. To do this click on the favourites (heart) button on the menu bar, press the create a favourites list button, name this Wedding Album and click the create button.

To add a new photo to the Wedding Album list, click on the favourite (heart) button for each photo you'd like included and choose the Wedding Album section. It's that easy, the difficult part is narrowing your selection down!

I'd suggest you choose between 60 to 80 photographs for your album. This way you'll get a nice selection of large full page spreads mixed in with smaller collages of your wedding photos.

You don't need to worry about sending your favourite list to me, I'll be able to access it through my admin page once you're done.

Ready to book?

If you've got all the information you need or want to ask a few more questions, pop a message over to me and we can arrange a time to talk.

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