Chris and I met over 9 years ago at an engagement party. Both of us already had children, Chris two daughters, Sophie and Millie and myself one daughter, Deia. Marriage wasn't something that we felt we needed and were happy with the way things were. In 2014 we added a son (Wesley) to our family. It was then that we started to think about marriage and in December 2015, at an evening with friends, Chris surprised me with a proposal in a secret Santa! So it was to be, Chris aged 46 and myself 39, we were to get married, first time for both of us!
With only eight months to plan our wedding time was tight, with so much to do, so I won't lie and say it wasn't stressful! But we were extremely excited and couldn't wait for our special day. Choosing my wedding dress and the bridesmaids dresses was so much fun. Chris isn't the planning type and hoped he could just turn up on the day but obviously that wasn't going to happen! 

- Michelle

Michelle & Chris' Alverbank Hotel wedding is here!

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